Laurelhurst Community Club Trustees 2013-14


Your neighbors serve the community on the Laurelhurst Community Club (LCC) Board of Trustees and volunteer their time to ensure that Laurelhurst remains a great place to live. Please contact them with concerns about Laurelhurst.


Jeannie Hale             206-525-5135

Vice President

Colleen McAleer      206-525-0219




Emily Dexter              206-526-2927


Crime Prevention

Linda Luiten              206-522-5607

Brian McMullen         206-367-9325

Newsletter Editor, Webmaster

Leslie Wright             206-229-1505

Kevin Chang             206-235-5253
Kay Kelly                    206-522-6773

Liz Ogden                  206-517-5862

Stan Sorscher           206-522-7660

Don Torrie                  206-524-4316

Maggie Weissman   206-226-0543

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