NOVEMBER 10, 2003 – NOVEMBER 21, 2003



  • Seattle City Light has started work along the property line between Laurelon Terrace and Children’s. This work will take about one month to complete and will involve some power outages to some homes in Laurelon Terrace. City Light will provide you at least 24 hours advance notice of power outages. If you have questions for City Light, please contact their call center at 684-3000. 


  • Work activities on 50th Street, between the Ronald McDonald House and Sandpoint Way, should be starting around 11/17/03.  A new sidewalk will be built in this area to accommodate patients and their families walking to and from.  Look for a separate bulletin about the schedule and work in this area.


  • A new ramp to facilitate strollers and wheelchairs will start taking shape at the northwest corner of the construction site.  This ramp will lead people from the corner of Sandpoint Way NE and the hospital’s main driveway to the entrance of the new building.  The work will involve some excavation and concrete formwork and placement at the very north end of the Laurelon area (north of the vegetable garden).  Layout markers have staked the area, and excavation will begin during this time period. 


  • Retaining walls, sidewalks, curbs and gutters are continuing to take shape forming the new main entrance driveway to the building.  Concrete deliveries will be continuing intermittently throughout this time period.


  • More loads of dirt will be brought to the site and placed behind site retaining walls, using a conveyor belt system, in preparation for future landscaping on the east side of the project site.  Some of the existing larger trees that were relocated on campus to accommodate construction have now been moved back into their final spots.


  • The two sets of curving concrete stairs on the east side of the site will continue to be worked on.  These will connect the walkway from the future driveway to the hospital’s main road. 


  • A large architectural trellis will be installed on the front of the building early this week.  Touch up paint will then take place.


  • The last of the rooftop mechanical items will be loaded onto the roof by crane this week.


  • The roofing will also be completed during this timeframe.


  • Work to connect the new building to the adjacent existing building is complete on Level 5, but underway on all other levels.


  • Changes near the Wright Auditorium on Level 1 will start to take place this weekend.  Temporary walls will start to be removed and finishes will start to tie-in with the existing areas nearby.


  • The basement level is starting to look more and more finished as the carpet and doors have been installed.  Touch-up paint, and installation of rubber base and built-in cabinets and desks is continuing.


  • Ceramic tile, sheet vinyl, and other flooring materials are being installed up through Level 3.


  • Cabinet installation is continuing on Level 4.


·        Working with the City, progress has been made in developing the plan for repair of the ravine drainage problem.  We hope that the remedy can be implemented in the coming months, but do not have a timeline or new information to report at this time.