Laurelhurst Community Club                                                     

Serving 2800 Households and Businesses in Seattle’s Laurelhurst Neighborhood

 Public Hearing on the Draft EIS for Children’s Hospital

May 27, 2008


Fabiola Greenawalt

Special Projects

Department of Neighborhoods 

700 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1700

P.O. Box 94649

Seattle, Washington  98124-4649

 RE:      Follow Up on Public Records Request

 Dear Ms. Greenawalt,


            Thank you for your response to our May 7, 2008 public records request.  The materials arrived in the mail on May 24th.  Our request specifically asked for all exchanges and communications, including letters, email communications and telephone notes between Director Chao and DON staff and CAC members since initiation of the Children’s master planning process.  The materials you provided are incomplete. 


            The materials provided include only five email messages from the CAC chair and vice chair in about a one-year period.  There are references to conference calls involving the CAC officers, DON and a Children’s representative, but no telephone notes are included.  There are two email messages from one CAC member, one from another and none from the many other members of the advisory committee.  Some messages reference attachments which were not provided.  Some handwritten notes were provided, but it is unclear who prepared the notes.


            We find the materials provided insufficient to comply with the Public Records Act and the City’s commitment to an open and responsive process for public disclosure.  The Laurelhurst Community Club Board of Trustees would appreciate your compliance with our public records request in a timely manner.




Liz Ogden, Vice President                                         Jeannie Hale, President

5005 48th Avenue NE                                                             3425 West Laurelhurst Drive NE

Seattle, Washington  98105                                        Seattle, Washington  98105

206-517-5862                                                              206-525-5135 / fax 206-525-9631                                         


cc:  Stella Chao, Steve Sheppard and Karen Gordon, DON; Councilmembers Sally Clark, Tim Burgess, Tom Rasmussen and Jean Godden, members of the Planning, Land Use and Neighborhoods Committee