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 Public Hearing on the Draft EIS for Children’s Hospital

July 10, 2008


The Laurelhurst Community Club (LCC) supports the mission of Children’s Hospital, its important work and reasonable expansion consistent with the City’s Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Code.  LCC offers the following preliminary comments on the Children’s Draft Environmental Statement (DEIS).


Public Benefit/Bed Projections

(Statement by Jeannie Hale)


The Major Institutions Code requires a balance between the public benefit from the proposed expansion and the need to protect the livability and vitality of the surrounding neighborhoods.  A key component of finding the appropriate balance relates to the public benefit and bed projections for the alternatives reviewed in the DEIS.






Height, Bulk and Scale

(Statement by Leslie Wright)


            All of the proposed alternatives (other than the no-build alternative) call for approximately 1.5 million square feet of new development and building heights of 160 feet.  This expansion is more than one and one half times the size of the current hospital.  There is no conceivable way to mitigate the significant height, bulk and scale impacts.  The DEIS fails to include sufficient analysis of these issues and impacts.  The final EIS should reduce the square footage and building height of the alternatives.  Children’s should be held to the same standards of other similarly situated major institutions.








Expansion of Major Institution Boundaries

(Statement by Mark Trumbauer)


            Children’s has proposed expanding its major institution boundaries to add considerable acreage to include the Hartmann site across Sand Point Way and the 136-unit Laurelon garden condominium complex.  The DEIS includes alternatives that would allow this expansion of boundaries with no attention to the mandates of the Major Institutions Code, the Land Use Code or the City’s Comprehensive Plan.   










(Statement by Carey Lassen)


The Seattle Municipal Code prohibits expansion of major institution boundaries where “they would result in the demolition of structures with residential use unless comparable replacement is proposed to maintain the housing stock of the city.” 







(Statement by Colleen McAleer)


The traffic and transportation impacts associated with the proposed “build” alternatives are considerable.  The only way to mitigate these impacts to protect the livability and vitality of the surrounding communities as required by the Major Institutions Code is to reduce the magnitude of expansion. 









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