Helicopter Landings at Children's Hospital
January-June 2001

A report to the community about emergency medical helicopter landings at Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center

A summary of flight activity,
for two quarters:
January - March, 2001
April - June, 2001

Landing Location Summary
January - June 2000

Children's Hospital
Emergency Room
UW Intramural

Patients Transported by Airlift Northwest
to Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center Helistop
January - June, 2001

Date Landing Departure Transported From Age Diagnosis Outcomes
3 11:35 am 12:39 pm Medic 8, Federal Way Infant Cardiac Arrest Died day 1
5 12:25 am 2:16 am St. Joseph, Bellingham School Age Diabetic Ketoacidosis Hospitalized 2 days
30 6:18 pm 6:44 pm Medic 31, Monroe Infant Respiratory Distress Hospitalized 7 days
1 4:19 am 5:10 am Whidbey General, Coupeville Toddler Asthma Hospitalized 8 days
4 10:19 pm unavailable Cascade Valley, Arlington Toddler Status Epilepticus Hospitalized 31 days
10 12:45 pm 12:53 pm Medic 11, Maple Valley Adolescent Respiratory Arrest Hospitalized 7 days
12 10:51 pm 11:51 pm Skagit Valley, Mt. Vernon Newborn Seizures Hospitalized 42 days
13 6:08 pm 7:02 pm Valley General, Monroe Infant Respiratory Distress Hospitalized 22 days
26 3:00 am 4:13 am Skagit Valley, Mt Vernon Toddler Bowel Perforation Hospitalized 2 days
1 11:45 am 12:41 pm SeaTac Airport Infant Respiratory Arrest Hospitalized as of 7/17
3 12:15am 1:34am Tacoma General Newborn Pulmonary Hypertension Transferred 3/13/01
6 1:25 pm 2:35 pm Whidbey General, Coupeville Infant Respiratory Distress Hospitalized 5 days
9 5:57am 7:01am Skagit Valley, Mt Vernon Infant Status Epilepticus Hospitalized 1 day
9 8:26 pm 9:08 pm Madigan Army Medical Center Infant Fungal Pneumonia; Heart Failure Died day 5
21 4:45 pm 5:00 pm Eastside Hospital, Redmond Toddler Sepsis with Shock Died day 1
22 4:42 pm 5:45 pm Medic 1, Arlington Toddler Epiglottitis Hospitalized 8 days
25 10:47 am 11:27 am Medic 4 / 8, South King County Toddler Status Epilepticus Hospitalized 2 days
25 6:40 pm 7:25 pm Whidbey General, Coupeville School Age Status Epilepticus Hospitalized 8 days
26 1:35 pm 4:08 pm Bangor Medical Clinic Infant Heart Failure Hospitalized 9 days
April There were no CHRMC helipad landings in April.
10 4:31 pm 5:24 pm Providence,Everett Toddler Seizure Hospitalized 1 day
11 8:45 pm 10:19 pm Medics, Arlington Infant Respiratory Failure Hospitalized 11 days
21 4:20 pm 5:28 pm Kittitas Valley, Ellensburg Toddler Status Epilepticus Hospitalized 5 days
29 5:11 pm 6:06 pm United Affiliated, Mt. Vernon Newborn Meconium Aspiration Hospitalized 10 days

Explanation of Diagnoses

Diabetic Ketoacidosis- an abnormal buildup of sugar and acids in the bloodstreams, resulting in a decreased level of consciousness

Status Epilepticus- continuous epileptic seizures that cannot be stopped with medication

Bowel Perforation- rule out intestinal rupture

Pulmonary Hypertension- abnormally high blood pressure in the lungs

Fungal Pneumonia/Heart Failure- overwhelming blood infection resulting in heart failure

Sepsis with Shock- overwhelming blood infection resulting in loss of blood pressure

Epiglottitis- inflammation and narrowing of the opening airway resulting in severe breathing difficulty

Meconium Aspiration- Pneumonia-like illness of a newborn due to inhalation at birth of fluid containing mucous and bile

To our Neighbors:

A Medical Review Committee meets twice a year to review all emergency medical landings at Children's. This committee includes two representatives from the neighborhoods surrounding Children's, the director of the Seattle-King County Department of Public Health, two physicians independent of Children's and key medical leadership from Children's Hospital.

The committee continues to find that the vast majority of these emergency medical landings, which are based on medical criteria, are justified. We continue to evaluate each situation to determine whether a safe alternative to the landing is available.

A report to the community about emergency medical helicopter landings at Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center / a summary of flight activityis published quarterly by Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center, Seattle WA. If you have comments or questions, please call Suzanne Petersen, Director Community, Government Affairs and Advocacy, at (206) 526-2125; or write her at Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center, P.O. Box 5371, CH-01, Seattle, WA 981015-0371.

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