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July 23, 2007



Councilmember Peter Steinbrueck, Chair

Urban Development and Planning Committee and

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RE:  Children’s Master Plan Advisory Committee – Follow-Up


Dear Councilmember Steinbrueck:


            At the Council Briefings meeting this morning, you highlighted the resolution your committee will be addressing at your July 25th committee meeting regarding the number and composition of the Children’s Advisory Committee.  You indicated that Children’s is a regional facility and that membership on the advisory committee should go beyond the Laurelhurst neighborhood where the institution is located.  We agree, however, we urge strict adherence to the Major Institutions Code.


            The question is whether View Ridge and Montlake are “directly affected by the actions of the institution” as required by the Major Institutions Code.  In her memorandum of June 7 to Mayor Nickels (attached), DON’s director expressly stated that the number on the committee should be expanded to include “representation to neighborhoods indirectly affected.”  The Code does not allow those indirectly affected to be a part of the committee.  To allow representatives from those communities on the committee would require an amendment to the Major Institutions Code.


Children’s should be required to work with its neighbors most directly affected by its master planning efforts as prescribed by the Code.  This includes individuals from Laurelhurst, including the Laurelon Terrace segment of Laurelhurst and the Laurelhurst business community, and Hawthorne Hills and Ravenna-Bryant.  The Code allows Children’s to expand to meet its needs, but there is a careful balance required to address measures to minimize and mitigate the impacts of expansion on surrounding neighborhoods and yet still allow Children’s to grow.  This balance can only be assured by involving those most directly affected—Children’s and its directly impacted neighbors (as well as one citywide representative on the committee). 


The Montlake and View Ridge applicants are well-qualified community leaders and will have many opportunities to be involved in the Children’s master planning process.  The Committee is, in fact, required to consider and include in its draft and final reports on the master plan all comments submitted

Please do not erode the grassroots nature of the master planning process.  We would welcome the opportunity to discuss our views with you prior to the committee meeting on Wednesday.




Liz Ogden, Vice President                                         Jeannie Hale, President

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ENC.  Memorandum of June 7 from Stella Chao to Mayor Nickels


cc:  Councilmembers Tom Rasmussen, Richard Conlin and Sally Clark