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Fire Station No. 38 Relocation

Full Council Meeting of January 17, 2006


            For over a year, the Laurelhurst Community Club Board of Trustees and our community have monitored and participated in efforts by the Seattle Fire Department and Fleets and Facilities to find a new location for Fire Station No. 38.  We support the proposed new location and urge you to adopt the proposed ordinance authorizing acquisition of the property.


            While we understand the concerns of the Stricklands and those living in the vicinity of the Metropolitan Market, our bottom line is maintaining an emergency response time to protect the health and safety of our neighbors.  Exceeding the current four-minute response time can mean the difference between life and death for a neighbor facing a medical emergency.  The proposed location is approximately in the center of the service area and the current response time will be maintained or enhanced.  The proposed location was actually suggested by a resident at a community meeting over a year ago.


            We believe that the Fire Department and Fleets and Facilities have exercised due diligence in finding a location that meets the operational criteria for siting the fire station.  We understand that many locations have been explored.  Some sites were too small, such as the Wells Fargo Bank site on Sand Point Way, or would adversely impact response times or did not meet other siting criteria.  Any preferred site will raise questions by nearby neighbors.  In considering the legislation before you, we hope you will consider and share our bottom line—the need to maintain or enhance response times for our northeast Seattle neighbors. 


            Thank you for considering the views of the Laurelhurst Community Club.  We have attached our letter to you of October 6, 2004 and messages we have received from 18 neighbors supporting the proposed location.



Jeannie Hale, President

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