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Serving 2800 Households in Seattleís Laurelhurst Neighborhood




Peggy Smith, Sponsorship Coordinator

Northeast Seattle Little League

7006 27th Avenue NE

Seattle, Washington  98115


RE:       Team Sponsorship


Dear Peggy,


            We are pleased to send you our $250 check to sponsor a T-Ball team for 2005.  We understand that our contribution will help to cover the cost of uniforms, equipment, field maintenance, insurance and training programs.


If possible, could you please include the following logo and text in the Little League Yearbook:


Laurelhurst Community Club

"Serving Laurelhurst neighbors since 1920"


The Laurelhurst Community Club Board of Trustees is pleased to continue team sponsorship to make neighborhood baseball available to boys and girls in our community at an affordable rate.






Jennifer Biely, Treasurer

4616 25th Avenue NE, PMB #373

Seattle, Washington  98105




Laurelhurst Community Club

"Serving Laurelhurst neighbors since 1920"