Laurelhurst Community Club                                                     

Serving 2800 Households in Seattle’s Laurelhurst Neighborhood


                                                                                                July 20, 2004



Councilmember Richard Conlin, Chair

Transportation Committee

600 Fourth Avenue, Floor 2

P.O. Box 34025

Seattle, Washington  98124-4025


RE:  Repaving NE 45th


Dear Councilmember Conlin,


Thank you very much for attending the recent community meeting to address issues relating to repaving NE 45th Street in the area bordering Children’s Hospital where the streetscape and our neighbors endured 100 large dump trucks per day for an extended period during construction of the new garage at Children’s.  The Laurelhurst Community Club, as well as representatives from the Seattle Transportation Department (SDOT), Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center and the Children’s master plan advisory committee appreciated your interest and the background and insights you provided.  


            As we all learned at the meeting from the excellent presentation by Charles Bookman from SDOT, the portion of the street under review is rated 40—the bottom end of the fair category—and is in need of repaving.  It was interesting to review the City’s recent Pavement Condition Report and to learn that the amount of wear and tear on our streets goes up by a factor of four based upon axle weights.  The volume of large dump trucks travelling over an extended period on the stretch of this arterial has obviously contributed to the unsafe condition of the street. 


            After our meeting, LCC again met with representatives from Children’s Hospital.  Children’s had had an opportunity to study the 2004 Pavement Condition Report and the City’s paving priorities and to further consider our request to contribute to repaving the roadway.  We were thrilled to learn that Children’s is now willing to pay half of the repaving costs ($70,000) if the City agrees to pay or secure funding for the remaining cost.  We appreciate the commitment of Children’s Hospital to our community.  We do not believe that the repaving issue would have been resolved so successfully without the advice, assistance and expertise that you and SDOT provided at our initial meeting.  Thank you again for your efforts.




Jeannie Hale, President

3425 West Laurelhurst Drive NE

Seattle, Washington  98105

525-5135 / fax 525-9631