April 1, 2005




Office of the Hearing Examiner

Alaska Building, 13th Floor

618 Second Avenue, Room 1320

Seattle, WA 98104                                                      Fax 684-0536


Re:  Appeal of MUP No. 2104047; 4000 NE 41st Street


Dear Hearing Examiner:


            We have been working with The Laurelhurst Community Club and Jean Gompf to resolve issues related to their Master Use Permit Appeals.   All of us have agreed to request a postponement of the currently scheduled April 4th pre-hearing conference.  It is our suggestion that this pre-hearing conference be moved until April 25, 2005 which is the date for the actual MUP hearing. 






Robert H. Wicklein






Copy:      Jeannie Hale              Laurelhurst Community Club

               Stan Sorscher            Laurelhurst Community Club

               Jean Gompf