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August 28, 2001

Stephanie Haines
Department of Design, Construction and Land Use
City of Seattle
7000 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2000
Seattle, Washington 98104
Fax 233-7901

Re: Project #2104047, Proposed Expansion on the Battelle Property

Dear Ms. Haines:

The Laurelhurst Community Club Board of Trustees requests an extension of the comment period on Project #2104047, located at 4000 NE 41st Street. Planning for a scoping meeting is in the works and we request that the comment period run concurrently with that process to avoid confusion within our neighborhood and to ensure maximum community involvement in the process. Until this happens, we would like to preserve our rights under the Code and extend the initially published comment period an additional 14 days.

We also have questions about the notice that appeared in the August 16, 2001 DCLU Land Use Information Bulletin. The notice indicates that adequacy of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is one of the required approvals. We have received no notice of any Determination of Significance regarding this project and of the scoping notice comment period that applies.

The notice also indicates that an Administrative Conditional Use is sought to allow less than the required parking. The Battelle property is governed by a 1991 Settlement Agreement to which the City is a party, an Agreement that runs with the land to the new property owners. The Agreement, among other things, sets forth the limits of expansion on the property and the parking requirements. We do not understand your assertion that changes to this Agreement regarding parking are subject to an Administrative Conditional Use permit. We would appreciate an explanation.

In the meantime, we urge you to extend the original comment period on the project to run concurrently with the scoping process. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. We look forward to your written response.


Jeannie Hale, President
3425 West Laurelhurst Drive NE
Seattle, Washington 98105
525-5135 / FAX 525-9631

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