Laurelhurst Community Club
Serving 2800 Households in Seattle’s Laurelhurst Neighborhood

June 28, 2001

Bruce Borsak
Pro-Robics Conditioning Club
3811 NE 45th Street
Seattle Washington 98105

Dear Mr. Borsak:

The Laurelhurst Community Club has received many complaints from neighbors in the portion of Laurelhurst commonly known as the Town of Yesler, located in the vicinity of the Laurelhurst business district, about unreasonably loud noises emanating from your facility, specifically loud music and vocal exercise commands. We recognize that Pro-Robics is popular with local residents who enjoy your facility and the programs you offer and that your exercise programs may naturally be associated with music and vocal encouragement. But, we do hope that you will be a good neighbor and respect the peace and quiet of our neighbors in the Town of Yesler.

Exercise enthusiasts and neighbors can appreciate the programs you offer. At the same time, however, we hope you can appreciate that neighbors are affected by the spillover of music and chanting from Pro-Robics into the surrounding residential area. As the weather warms up, the situation tends to become more serious. We understand that you are considering increasing the air-conditioning capacity, which is a step in the right direction. Another accommodation would be to lower the volume of amplified sound when windows are open, and close windows and doors whenever sound levels are high. Problems would be avoided if this practice could be communicated to class instructors, along with a general sensitivity to the shared space between the business and residential areas.

Seattle's noise laws are complex and difficult to understand, as we are sure you are aware because of your contact with the Department of Design, Construction and Land Use (DCLU). For example, a public nuisance is defined to include when there is unreasonable noise that disturbs others. Public nuisance noise is further defined to mean "any unreasonable sound which either annoys, injures, interferes with or endangers the comfort, repose, health or safety of an entire community or neighborhood, although the extent of damage may be unequal." In addition, the Code defines public disturbance noises to include "loud or raucous, and frequent, repetitive, or continuous sounds created by use of a musical instrument ... or a sound amplifier or other device capable of producing, amplifying or reproducing sound ... " Unlawful sounds are prohibited and maximum sound levels are prescribed.

Laurelhurst neighbors have informed us that the music and vocal commands associated with your exercise programs begin around 6:30 a.m. It is our understanding that the Seattle Police Department, North Precinct, has the necessary equipment to take noise measurements. We appreciate the fact that you have contacted them for assistance on the purchase of a sound meter to determine the level of noise emanating from your facility. We encourage you to continue to work closely with the Police Department and DCLU to ensure that our neighbors are not continually subjected to unreasonable noise from your facility. Regardless of the readings that are taken, we hope that you appreciate the possibility that your noise level could likely constitute a public nuisance and take appropriate action.

Our purpose in contacting you is to ask you to be a good neighbor and to control your noise levels and the negative spillover effects on our community. Pro-Robics can set the standard of neighborhood courtesy in this respect. We welcome any efforts you make to preserve the peace and quiet of our neighborhood and to keep our neighborhood attractive and pleasant for all of our neighbors.


Jeannie Hale, President
3425 West Laurelhurst Drive NE
Seattle, Washington 98105
525-5135 / FAX 525-9631

cc: David George, DCLU; Talaris Research Institute

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