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October 19, 2005




Office of the Hearing Examiner

Alaska Building, 13th Floor

618 Second Avenue, Room 1320

Seattle, WA 98104                                                      Fax 684-0536


Re:  Appeal of MUP No. 2104047; 4000 NE 41st Street


Dear Hearing Examiner:


            The Laurelhurst Community Club and 4000 Property LLC have entered into a settlement agreement to resolve issues regarding the above-referenced appeal.  The settlement agreement includes an amendment to property covenants that affect use and development of the project site.  The Second Amendment to the Settlement Agreement and Covenants Running with the Land was recorded under King County Recording No. 20051005002547.  The Laurelhurst Community Club hereby requests dismissal of its appeal.


            Our settlement agreement would not have been possible without the cooperation of your office in granting several continuances in this matter.  We appreciate your continued willingness to allow the parties to develop a solution that allows the development to move forward while protecting the rights of our community under the Land Use Code, SEPA and our original 1991 Settlement Agreement.




Jeannie Hale, President                                     Stan Sorscher, LCC Trustee

3425 West Laurelhurst Drive NE                                  3716 NE 43rd Street

Seattle, Washington  98105                                          Seattle, Washington  98105

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cc:  Bob Wicklein, The Seneca Group