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September 15, 2009

C.B. 116528, Proposal to Legalize Detached Accessory Dwelling Units Citywide

Bill 116528, now before the City Council, is the Mayor's proposed ordinance that would legalize detached accessory dwelling units (DADUs) or so-called “backyard cottages” citywide.  LCC opposes the bill and has written the City Council asking that they reject the measure or substantially amend it. LCC urges neighbors to make their views and concerns known to City Councilmembers.

The LCC believes that the current proposal falls short in providing adequate protections to single-family neighborhoods, that it will result in loss of open space and trees and will create added parking problems and congestion. 

Read LCC's letter to the City Council here.

Take a look at the photo of a DADU built in SE Seattle in the City's Guide to Backyard Cottages.


Download a PDF of Guide to Backyard Cottages in Southeast Seattle from Councilmember Sally Clark's web page. This guide gives you an idea of some good and some poor examples of DADUs.  For example, in a couple of cases, the “cottage” is larger than the main home!  Some cottages include two stories on top of an existing garage.



Boarding House Cited and Fined

Due to LCC’s persistent pressure, the City filed a Complaint for Injunction and Civil Penalty in Seattle Municipal Court in July (case number 08-066) regarding the boarding house at 3608 NE 44th St. in the Town of Yesler. Boarding houses are not permitted in Single Family Residential Zones. As of Sept. 9, 2008, the owner of the property had been fined $94,500 (10 days at $150/day and 186 days at $500/day) and was required to pay attorneys’ fees for the City. A Pre-Settlement Hearing to discuss the status of the case and what the owner is doing to bring the property into compliance is pending.

Boat Parking on Neighborhood Streets Not Permitted
Several neighbors have requested information about the legality of parking boats in residential areas. It is illegal to park boats and trailers on city streets (street use code) or to park them in a front yard or front driveway (land use code). To read the codes, search the Seattle City Clerk’s Office website at
      Seattle Municipal Code 23.44.016 Parking location and access.
      Seattle Municipal Code 11.72.430 Trailer or camper – Detached.


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