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4702 47th Ave NE

DPD Planner

Lucas Deherrera

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(206) 615-0724


Approval of Short Subdivision to create four parcels of land


Land Use Permit to subdivide two parcels into four parcels of land. Proposed parcel sizes are:

A) 4,044.6 sq. ft.

B) 4,045.2 sq. ft.

C) 4,045.7 sq. ft.

D) 4,933.7 sq. ft. existing structure to remain (4617 NE 47th St.)


Existing structure at 4702 47th Ave NE to be removed.


The top of this image is North






Wednesday, February 8, 2006





The redevelopment of the property at

4702 47th Avenue NE




Laurelhurst Elementary School


6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.




Sponsored by:

Laurelhurst Community Club

On behalf of our neighbors, Laurelhurst Community Club has requested a public hearing in regard to the proposed redevelopment of the 4702 47th Avenue NE.  This meeting will be held this Wednesday, February 8th from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm in the Laurelhurst Elementary School Cafeteria.  The city’s Land Use Planner for the project, Lucas Deherrera, will be present at the hearing to answer your questions and listen to your concerns.  He will also be accepting any written comment letters you would like to submit. 


The proposed development, outlined on the back of this flyer, will create two new parcels of property for the purpose of creating three new houses to replace the existing one.  A strip of land from the adjacent property to the east is included in the proposal in order to facilitate this.   All four properties would be smaller than the 5000 square foot minimum lot area requirement for our zone.


Creating a substandard size property on the corner lot would also increase the risk of further substandard developments on 47th Avenue NE by reducing the mean lot area of that block face.  The developer has used only the mean area of the remaining lots on NE 47th Street to receive an exception to the required minimum lot size.  It would not qualify if the mean lot area of 47th Avenue NE were used.  However, the new smaller corner property would be used in the lot area calculation if another short plat were requested on 47th Avenue NE.


Furthermore, the area around this property is highly impacted by traffic and parking generated by the neighboring elementary school and gymnasium.  It is sees heavy pedestrian use by students and athletes and their families, as well as those accessing the playground and the overpass to Laurelhurst Park and Community Center.  Additional driveways, parked cars, and car trips will add to already existing safety hazards in a place full of children in a hurry. 


This proposal, if allowed, would greatly affect the streetscape.  The residence to be built on the new corner property would be in the front yard area of the rest of the homes on 47th Avenue NE.  This conflicts with the streetscape on both sides this long, primary, highly visible street in our neighborhood. 



Please come to this public hearing.  Take this opportunity to ask questions, voice your concerns and submit your comment letters.  The decision to approve a short plat permit is a discretionary one and after the lots have been created, DPD does not have the authority to apply restrictions.  Your input must come now



Criteria DPD considers for approval of a short plat:

 (Seattle Municipal Code 23.24.040)


1.      Conformance to the applicable Land Use Policies and Land Use Code provisions;

2.      Adequacy of access for vehicles, utilities and fire protection as provided in Section 23.53.005;

3.      Adequacy of drainage, water supply and sanitary sewer disposal;

4.      Whether the public use and interests are served by permitting the proposed division of land;

5.      Conformance to the applicable provisions of SMC 25.09.240, Short subdivisions and subdivisions, in environmentally critical areas.


Written comments, in addition to your hearing comments, are highly suggested .  Address them to:


Lucas Deherrera, Project 3003629

City of Seattle, Department of Planning and Development

700 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2000

P.O. Box 34019

Seattle, Washington  98124-4019