Congratulations, Special Neighbors 2009!

On June 17, 2009, neighbors gathered at the Laurelhurst Community Center for the LCC annual meeting where Good Neighbor Awards were presented to the following recipients:

Jean Amick, Wendy Becker, Justin Coughlin, Wendy Kelley, Kate Lloyd Brian McMullen, Don Nettelblad, Heather Newman, Liz Ogden, Dixie Porter, Dena Schuler, William Smith, Dr. Tanya Sorenson, Lucile P. Townsend, and Marielle Trumbauer.

LCC’s event to celebrate neighbors follows a twelve-year tradition. Councilmember Jean Godden presided over a ceremony to recognize these special people, each of whom receive a Good Neighbor Award. This event is a chance to come together as neighbors, hear great stories about our neighbors and our neighborhood, and show appreciation for neighbors who make Laurelhurst such a special place to live.

Do you have a nominee in mind for next year? Send your nominations to LCC trustee and project coordinator, Maggie Weissman, at 5222 Ivanhoe Place NE, Seattle, WA 98105, or e-mail Questions? Call Maggie at 206-226-0543 or voice mail at 527-6646.

Deadline to submit nominations is April 2010.


2008 Good Neighbor Award Recipients

Congratulations and thank you to all of the following “warm, friendly, helpful, lovely, hard-working, thoughtful, generous, inspiring” examples of Laurelhurst neighbors who contribute in countless ways to our vibrant community. City council members Richard Conlin and Sally Clark presented “Good Neighbor Certificates of Appreciation.” Thanks to LCC trustee, Maggie Weissman, for coordinating this annual event.

Michael and Michel Adler, nominated by Heather Newman for helping with overgrown bushes in their adjoining gardens.
Jean Amick, nominated by Christi Nagle for her hard work in support of red-light cameras at 5-Corners.
Molly Black, nominated by Stacy Graves for her willingness to help with their children and communicating with neighbors about issues.
Josephine Bramwell, Lois Jones and Patsy Sawa, nominated by Christine Barrett for their articulate public speaking and essays about Children’s Hospital issues; all three are school teachers.
Sidney Hallam, nominated by Mimi Winslow for loyal support and contributions as chair of Northeast Friends of the Seattle Public Library chapter.
Bill, Elizabeth and Liam Hutchinson, nominated by LindaJo Greenberg for their many kind, neighborly actions and examples they set for others.
Karmann Kaplan, nominated by Rita Paragas as an extraordinary neighbor and spokesperson on issues such as the pilot security project.
Bev Kelleher, nominated by Ming-Ming Tung-Edelman and Jennifer Gouk for being Block Watch captain, organizing block parties, and more.
Cary Lassen, nominated by Nancy Cahill and 17 others for chairing the SUN Park Plant Sale and for her ongoing work to create this mini park.
Eleanor Leaver, nominated by Leslie Wright and Sheryl Westergreen for her generosity, kindness, and enthusiasm for life at age 94 and for supplying electricity to light the SUN Park tree during the winter holidays.
Susan Lundh, nominated by Tina Ragen and Ulli Harper, Melanie Burke, Heidi Rogers, and Lee Hults for being the “secretary extraordinaire” at Laurelhurst Elementary School, the glue and soul of the school.
Isabella Pagel, nominated by Cary Pillo Lassen for being a young entrepreneur with a generous spirit who donated lemonade sales to SUN Park.
Bev Schaeffer, nominated by Jeff Sullivan and Gaylene Pattinson as lead Pharmacist and co-owner of Katterman’s Pharmacy; she provided and promoted vaccine for inaugural Laurelhurst Influenza Vaccine Clinic and is a strong advocate for community health.
Nate and Dayspring Schlachter, nominated by Jenny Pang for their generous donations and fund raising for the Laurelhurst Elementary School Playground renovation; former owners of Great Harvest Bread.
Polly Skinner, nominated by Liz Ogden for improving the traffic around Villa Academy yielding significant decreases in backups, speeding and assertive driving.
Lendy Vail, nominated by Jeanne Fujii for going above and beyond with NE 43rd St. phone list, organizing block parties and garage sales.
Scott Whitelaw, nominated by Bill Marel and Janet Look for building a custom wheelchair ramp for them.

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