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May 20, 2007


Dena Schuler, Community Center Coordinator

Laurelhurst Community Center

4554 NE 41st Street

Seattle, Washington  98105


RE:      Laurelhurst Gym Hours


Dear Dena,


            The Laurelhurst Community Club (LCC) Board of Trustees appreciated the excellent briefing that you and Katie Gray provided at our April 9th meeting regarding issues relating to gym hours.  It was helpful to learn about the drop in gym hours at other north Seattle community centers and to clear up the misunderstandings about the letter sent home to Laurelhurst Elementary School parents. 


            The Trustees were glad to learn of your plans to reevaluate the decision to keep the gym office open 5-9 p.m. to allow after school use in light of the overwhelming response from neighbors.  Kids need a safe, welcoming place to hang out after school and parents, as well as our Board, appreciate your willingness to readdress this issue and discuss funding issues with the Community Center Advisory Council.  The LCC Board was also pleased to learn that you have completed your process to hire a teen leader.


            As mentioned at our meeting, LCC is very involved in the city budget process each year commenting and testifying on our community’s budget priorities.  We hope that you will be able to provide current budget information and staffing hours for the community center and future projected budget information to meet the needs of the community center’s service area.  One component in the upcoming budget should be consideration of a recreation leader instead of a recreation attendant to allow greater interaction with our children.  We would like to work with the Parks and Recreation Department and the Advisory Council to ensure an appropriate level of funding in the next budget cycle. 


            Thank you again for briefing our Board of Trustees and for all you do for our community.




Jeannie Hale, President

3425 West Laurelhurst Drive NE

Seattle, Washington  98105

206-525-5135 / fax 206-525-9631


cc:  Katie Gray, North Operations Manager, Parks and Recreation Department, Laurelhurst Advisory Council