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October 17, 2002




Vance Thompson

Friends of Magnuson Park

P.O. Box 51223

Seattle, Washington98115


Dear Vance,


Thank you very much for your excellent presentation at the October meeting of our Board of Trustees about lighting issues at Magnuson Park and your appeal of the final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).


The Laurelhurst Community Club supports and has always supported the presence of athletic fields on are doorstep.Where we have been critical has been in the scale of the proposed development, the impacts on traffic and the environment and the failure to adequately plan to mitigate those impacts.We have commented on the Joint Athletic Field Development Plan and on the impacts of field development and lighting at Magnuson Park.Your appeal of the EIS is consistent with our efforts for the past year and a half.


Enclosed is our $100 contribution to help pay for legal fees.Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to assist you in your efforts.We hope you will keep us informed of your progress.



Jeannie Hale, President

3425 West Laurelhurst Drive NE

Seattle, Washington 98105

206-525-5135 / fax 206-525-9631