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May 17, 2004



Council President Jan Drago and

Members of the Seattle City Council

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RE:  Magnuson Park Sports Complex and Wetlands


Dear Council President Drago and Members of the City Council,

             At its May 10, 2004 meeting, the Laurelhurst Community Club Board of Trustees endorsed a resolution adopted by the Sand Point Community Liaison Committee regarding the Mayor’s proposal for Magnuson Park.  The resolution calls for: 

·        A reduction in the scale of the project to avoid privatization of the park,

·        Adherence to the ProParks Levy requirements for improvements throughout the park,

·        Priority to enhancements to the 65th Street park entrance,

·        Removal of eyesores such as the old Commissary building,

·        Mitigation of adverse impacts of the development, and

·        Application of the precautionary principle to ensure an environmentally sound project. 


 The Laurelhurst Community Club recognizes the lack of playing fields in our city and has always supported fields at Magnuson Park.  Many of our neighbors are sports enthusiasts and/or have kids who play on organized teams.  The problem with the Mayor’s proposal is its scale and cost.  We have continuing concerns about the need for mitigation of the traffic and transportation impacts, as well as the impacts of the lighting upon the adjacent wetland habitat area and housing with such a large sports complex.  The project is estimated to cost $60M, yet only about $12.5 is available.  In light of the fact that the City is facing a $25M budget shortfall, how is it possible for the large sports complex to move forward? 

 We urge you to adopt a balanced, compromise proposal that adheres to the Sand Point Liaison Committee resolution and addresses the needs of all of Seattle’s citizens.  We appreciate your efforts in addressing these important issues.




Jeannie Hale, President                                     Kate Lloyd, Magnuson Park Liaison

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cc:  Mayor Nickels, City Councilmembers, Superintendent Joseph Olchefske