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June 1, 2003


RE:       Batting Cage at the Playfield  -- Take 5 for Kids and Comment


Dear Neighbors,


Thank you all for attending the public meeting on Thursday, May 29th about the batting cage proposal for Laurelhurst Playfield.  It was unanimous—everyone at the meeting supported a batting cage for the playfield!  The question is where do we go from here?  The Parks Department will rely in part upon the recommendations of the Laurelhurst Advisory Council—this is the group of neighbors that advises the Parks Department on issues relating to the Community Center and the Playfield.  So, please take the time to let the Parks Department and the Laurelhurst Advisory Council know your views on a batting cage at the Playfield TODAY.  Email addresses are listed below.  If you "cc" me on your comments, I will share them with the LCC Board of Trustees.


The issues: 

1.       Will the Parks Department approve the Little League proposal to install a batting cage at the Playfield?  If approval is swift, it is possible that our kids will have one month left of the season to use the batting cage. 


2.       Where should the batting cage be located?  Little League has proposed locating the batting cage at the 3rd base side of the north diamond.  This is an optimal flat area.  As an alternative, it was suggested at the meeting that the cage be relocated to the 1st base location.  This would minimize noise impacts to neighbors across the street.  Little League has said that this location would work, but as pointed out at the meeting, it isn’t flat and it is shaded.  The shading means that the ground would be muddy early in the season and it wouldn’t be as desirable to play during that period.  At the meeting, the vote was 31 to 2 to support the project as proposed.


3.       Should we wait?  If we wait until next year, the Laurelhurst Advisory Council would have an opportunity to visit the batting cage at the View Ridge Playfield to assess noise impacts, talk to neighbors in that area and then provide its recommendations to the Parks Department. 


Your voice counts!   The bottom line is that Laurelhurst neighbors requested a batting cage at the Playfield.  Whether you support its location as proposed or at the 1st base alternative, please take the time to let the Advisory Council and the Parks Department know your views.  There could still be time to get the batting cage installed this season! 


1.       Parks Department Contact:  Mike Mirante, (386-1583)


2.       Laurelhurst Advisory Council Contact:  Kent Mettler,


What is LCC’s position?  As noted at the meeting, the Laurelhurst Community Club (LCC) Board of Trustees was unanimous in its support of the batting cage project as proposed.  LCC contacted those involved in the highly successful batting cage at the View Ridge Playfield, did some research and heard a presentation similar to what was presented Thursday night.   Pasted below for your information is the letter that LCC wrote in March.


Thanks again for attending the public meeting and for your commitment to the neighborhood.


Jeannie Hale

LCC President