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March 18, 2003




Warren Perkins

Northeast Seattle Little League

6808 30th Avenue NE

Seattle, Washington  98115


RE:  Batting Cage at the Laurelhurst Playfield


Dear Mr. Perkins:


At its March 10th meeting, the Laurelhurst Community Club Board of Trustees reviewed your proposal to install a batting cage at the Laurelhurst Playfield.  The Board voted unanimously to support the proposal for the upcoming season with the condition that our Board be afforded an opportunity to review how the structure functions during the upcoming season, the impact upon adjacent neighbors and Playfield usage and compliance with terms of the Memorandum of Understanding that we understand you will enter into with the Parks Department before approving installation of the structure for future seasons.


            A batting cage at the Playfield will provide additional opportunities for young people to practice batting and pitching and to improve their skills.  The batting cage will be available to Little League teams and others that use the Playfield.  We have been assured that Northeast Little League will educate coaches and players on the safe use of the batting cage.  It does not appear to us that installation of the temporary structure will interfere with usage of the adjacent baseball field. 


The Laurelhurst Community Club Board of Trustees is a long time supporter of Northeast Seattle Little League.  We sponsor a team each year to help make neighborhood baseball available to boys and girls in our community at an affordable rate.  We are pleased to support Little League’s batting cage project this season to further opportunities to encourage youth involvement in baseball.




Jeannie Hale, President                                                 Don Torrie, LCC Parks Committee

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Seattle, Washington  98105                                          Seattle, Washington  98105

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cc:  Parks Superintendent Ken Bounds; Mike Merriam, Seattle Parks Department