SR-520 Replacement Project


Tolls to Begin Spring 2011

When tolling begins in 2011, you'll travel across the bridge at regular highway speeds just like you do today. As you pass through the tolling area (center of bridge deck) the system automatically detects your "Good To Go" pass (transponder) or license plate going both directions. The proper amount is deducted from your "Good To Go" tolling account. Those without a pass, such as visitors or other infrequent users, will be billed by mail. 

Learn more about the tolling plan and sign up for your Good To Go! account here.

The Commission adopted SR 520 Toll Rates January 5, 2011, pending Legislative action: SR 520 Toll Rate Proposal

Visit the State's website on the SR-520 project for the most current plans.

For updates on the University Light Rail Station click here.

To see the new design for the proposed bridge over Montlake Boulevard from the University Light Rail Station to campus, read the Jan. 12, 2011, Seattle Time's article.



SR520 Position Statement (PDF) Sept. 2006

SR520 Position Cover Letter (PDF) Sept. 2006

LCC Letter - SR520 Comments on the DEIS (PDF) Oct. 2006


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