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February 22, 2002

John Marek
Seattle Transportation Department
4th Floor Municipal Building
600 Fourth Avenue
Seattle Washington 98104
Fax 206-233-3887

RE: 49th Avenue NE Speed Humps

Dear John,

The Laurelhurst Community Club Board of Trustees appreciates your tireless efforts in developing and implementing a traffic calming solution for 49th Avenue NE. We are very pleased with the new speed humps. The project would not have been possible without all of the time you invested meeting with neighbors and developing consensus as to an appropriate solution. The overwhelming feedback received to date indicates that neighbors like the speed humps and believe they have significantly reduced speeding on this stretch of roadway.

Neighbors on 49th Avenue began their efforts in 1993 using radar guns from the City as part of SeaTran's Speed Watch Program. These efforts documented that 80 vehicles per hour or more traveled along this portion of 49th located adjacent to the Villa Academy at speeds as high as 50 mph. Neighbors worked with SeaTran and other engineering consultants. The Seattle Police Department got involved with traffic patrols to enforce speed limits but nothing worked to slow speeds. Finally, in 1999 neighbors applied for a Neighborhood Street Fund grant and began working directly with you.

We admire the patience and fairness you brought to the process in designing alternative solutions to address the issues and to reach agreement among our neighbors--not an easy task! We know how overworked you all are at SeaTran and we appreciated your keeping track of the progress of our project and coming out to our neighborhood to provide continued assistance. We affirm the wonderful leadership you displayed as we plowed through the consensus-building process so necessary to the completion of our project.

The 49th Avenue NE project is an overwhelming success, due in large part to your efforts. We feel the street is safer and more livable, and we are relieved that our preventive approach may be in time to avert another dangerous accident in the neighborhood.

Thank you again for your dedication to the public welfare and to a process that has offered the opportunity for a positive outcome to our neighbors and the city.


Jeannie Hale

Jeannie Hale, President
Laurelhurst Community Club
3425 W Laurelhurst Drive NE
Seattle, Washington 98105
205-525-5135 / fax 206-525-9631

Karl Weyrauch

Karl Weyrauch, LCC Transportation Committee
4545-49th Avenue NE
Seattle, Washington 98105
206-525-5562 / fax 206-526-8875

cc: Noel Schoenman, Grace Crunican, SeaTran Director; Mayor Greg Nickels, Richard Conlin, Chair, Transportation Committee

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