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February 8, 2005




Theresa Doherty

Assistant Vice President for Regional Affairs

University of Washington

Office of Regional Affairs

225 Gerberding Hall

Box 351243

Seattle, Washington  98195-1243


Subject:  Scheduling Conflict for March 1st Biocontainment Lab Proposal Public Meeting


Dear Theresa:


The Laurelhurst Community Club Board of Trustees urges you to reschedule your March 1st public forum on the University’s proposal for a biocontainment lab on campus.  This date conflicts with an important community meeting regarding SR 520 expansion at the Museum of History and Industry—a meeting that has been in the planning stages for weeks—a meeting that you received notice about prior to scheduling your forum on the same evening.  We understand that there is also a public forum on the biocontainment lab on February 23rd on campus.  Because of the many concerns and questions about the proposal, however, we believe many people would appreciate the opportunity to attend both of the biolab forums.  Without changing the date of your second meeting, that will not be possible for citizens concerned about both SR 520 expansion and your proposal.


SR 520 expansion/bridge replacement and congestion on Montlake Boulevard have long been concerns for Laurelhurst and other northeast Seattle residents.  As you may know, the proposed $3 billion project would make only marginal improvements to regional mobility and would worsen congestion and mobility for those using surface streets.  There is little or no money budgeted for mitigation of the impacts on our communities.  That is why over 40 community leaders attended the planning meeting last night in preparation for the March 1st public meeting.  This will be an important opportunity to discuss the issues with public officials.  We hope you will agree and consider changing the date of your meeting.




Jeannie Hale, President                                     Joseph Herrin AIA, LCC Trustee

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