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June 29, 2004



Weldon Ihrig

Executive Vice President

University of Washington

301 Gerberding Hall

Box 35125

Seattle, Washington  98195


RE:  Battelle Property


Dear Weldon,


            Thank you for your letter of June 15, 2004 and the expression of the University’s intention of abiding by the terms of the Settlement Agreement governing the 18-acre Battelle property in Laurelhurst, which prohibits the lease, sale or control of that property by a major institution.  While we appreciate the University’s good intentions as stated in your letter, we do not believe that the assurance provided is sufficient to protect the Battelle property.


            As you are aware just a few years ago, despite the protections of the Settlement Agreement and the Land Use Code prohibiting major institutions in single-family zones, the Seattle Community College sought control of the Battelle property.  This resulted in lengthy litigation.  In addition to the litigation, during this period LCC was forced to hire a lobbyist for two legislative sessions to address the issues before the state Legislature and the Higher Education Coordinating Board to ensure compliance with the terms of the Settlement Agreement.  Our community prevailed on these matters.  Because of this experience, we believe we need more than just your assurance in a letter that you would abide by the terms of the Settlement Agreement.


            We ask that you consider a binding agreement to comply with the terms of the Settlement Agreement.  In addition to prohibiting University lease, purchase or control of the Battelle property, the agreement should include language to the effect that the University would pay LCC’s attorneys fees should LCC have to sue to enforce either agreement.  The agreement would be recorded and would provide the assurance our community needs to protect the Battelle property and our rights under the 1991 Settlement Agreement.  In exchange for this agreement, LCC would agree to dismiss the pending master plan case.


            Please let us know right away if you are serious about your intention to comply with the terms of the Settlement Agreement.  Thank you for considering our proposal.




Jeannie Hale, President

3425 West Laurelhurst Drive NE

Seattle, Washington  98105

525-5135 / fax 525-9631


cc:  Theresa Doherty