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September 16, 2005


 Libby and Doug Armintrout

3509 43rd Avenue NE

Seattle, Washington 98105


RE:  Waterway No. 1 Design Meeting


Dear Libby and Doug,

             Thank you very much for hosting last night’s Waterway No. 1 Design meeting.  We appreciated your hospitality and extra effort in ensuring the logistics were in place for our neighbors’ meeting.  We were only expecting 30 neighbors, but by our court there were over 40.  You were gracious to accommodate interested neighbors in this important effort to move forward with long-overdue and much needed improvements to Waterway No. 1. 

 You must be very proud of your daughter Mary Elizabeth who so thoughtfully volunteered to bring supplies in from the car and helped to set up the sign-in table, name tags and programs.  Please convey our thanks to her.

             We were thrilled with the ideas that surfaced at the meeting, the community consensus on design issues and the overall enthusiasm for improving Waterway No. 1.  Your role in providing a venue was critical and again we thank you.


We will be in touch with you and other neighbors soon as we continue forward in this process.





Liz Ogden, Project Chair                                              Jeannie Hale, President

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