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Description of Planned Improvements to Waterway #1:


Project Description

This project coordinated with the Laurelhurst Community Club is planned to provide improvements to the Waterway #1 site for use as a public open space and public access to the shoreline of Lake Washington.  Project elements are planned and scheduled for completion to improve public safety, improve maintainability, and to optimize the amenity and functional value of the site.


Improvements for maintenance and public access include provisions for a pathway from the public sidewalk along 43rd Avenue NE to the water’s edge.  Plans call for reinforcement (approximately 10’ in width) along the pathway alignment to allow intermittent use by maintenance vehicles with topdressing of the pathway surface (approximately 5-8’ in width) visually defining the narrowed footpath.  The pathway is planned to wrap around the basketball court and to run along the north edge of the mowed grass area.   


Improvements at the water’s edge include the strategic placement of large granite stones used to lay back the steep bank and provide an informal access to the water that is natural in appearance and resistant to erosion.  The shoreline is also scheduled for planting with a mix of native shrub species to enhance habitat value for wildlife.


Improvements to upland areas include installation of irrigation along with the placement of topsoil and re-seeding to even the surface and promote positive drainage. Area dedicated for neighborhood-planned plantings of mixed perennial, shrub and groundcover plants is planned to provide a “buffer” between the upper mowed grass and the shoreline edge. Project work will include measures to prepare the “neighborhood garden” area for planting ---with planting in this area to be taken on as a later phase of the project.


Improvements to the planting strip (& area between the basketball court and sidewalk or pathway) include removal of grass and installation of mulched low-growing shrub, perennial, and groundcover species to eliminate the need for routine mowing of these areas.   


Improvements to resurface the basketball court are scheduled by members of the community for the summer of 2006.


Finishing touches…including the design and placement of a bench (or two) to best meet fit the site and meet the needs of community members is included in the scope of the project.  Bench design utilizing natural granite for consistency with granite stone used at shoreline edge is anticipated—with final design and placement “to be determined”. 


Project components / schedule for completion…


1.     Shoreline Improvements (Jan/Feb)

·        Stone Placement

- This work is 85% complete—

- Remaining stones to be set in conjunction with grading of upland areas


·        Shoreline Planting

-  Selective removal of invasive plants by hand (possibly utilizing light equipment to handle concrete rubble etc.)

-  Add native shrub species appropriate to site conditions: (i.e.Salmonberry, Red Flowering Currant. Red Twig Dogwood, etc.).

-  Construct mulched water quality berm at top of bank in preparation for work to improve upland site area.  

2.      Upland Improvements (March / April / May)

·        Preliminary Site Layout

- Lay out path/ open mowed grass area/ planted areas

           -  Identify layout for temporary irrigation

·        Reinforce Maintenance Access

- Place coarse ballast / topdress with mulch

·        Site Delineation & Grading

- Lay out stone/rubble edge between grass & ‘neighborhood garden area’

- Import sandy fill soil / spread to even out surface of mowed grass areas    

·        Prepare Planting Areas

- Eradicate weeds/grass & amend areas to be planted in spring ‘06.

- Apply cardboard & mulch to suppress weeds & grass in areas to be planted later (planting strip, ‘neighborhood garden’ area)

·        Pathway Construction

- Refine alignment of maintenance access as appropriate 

- Place clean surface material (wood chip mulch ) 

·        Seeding

- Hand seed or Hydroseed (as appropriate based on cost)


3.     Basketball Court Improvements (May)


4.  Planting  (@ 20% May / @ 80% October)

--Berm (at shoreline edge)

--Area surrounding BasketBall Court

--Neighborhood Garden Area