Meeting Rules

Adopted June 17, 1996

Adopted from materials provided by Equality Washington/Hands Off Washington and the League of Women Voters

#1: Respect Others

  • Listen to what others are saying.
  • Cross-talk and note passing are disruptive and should be avoided.
  • Refrain from making negative comments and assumptions about others based on stereotypes.
  • Disagreeing with others is okay. Belittling or ridiculing another person’s ideas or making personal attacks is not.
  • Hear and respect minority opinions.
  • Be courteous and sensitive to the feelings of others.
  • Good allies speak up. Members are encouraged not to ignore inappropriate behavior.

#2: Involve Others

  • Encourage everyone to express his or her opinions.
  • Be conscious of the amount of time you use to speak and don’t repeat or rephrase what others have already said.
  • Avoid dominating the discussion.

#3: Have Good Conduct

Robert’s Rules of Order govern decorum in debate and deliberations unless other rules are provided in the bylaws or the state nonprofit law.
Members may be asked to leave the meeting should inappropriate or unacceptable conduct occur.

#4: Cooperate

  • Work towards consensus. Be willing to compromise.
  • Making suggestions or offering solutions to problems is more helpful than criticizing.
  • Ask for clarification when uncertain of what another person is saying. Ask questions rather than make assumptions.
  • Accept decisions of the group.

#5: Work to Resolve Disagreements

If you have a problem with a particular person, take the matter up with that person directly. Talking behind backs does not build community. If unable to resolve the difference, seek assistance from the president or another member of the board.

#6: Be Prompt to Meet Deadlines

  • Arrive on time so that meetings can start and end on time.
  • Turn in agenda items at least one week before the meeting and meet deadlines for the newsletter.