Laurelhurst Emergency Action Plan

Laurelhurst Emergency Action Plan (LEAP) was formed by neighbors concerned about encouraging everyone in our community to prepare for a disaster, such as an earthquake. They divided the neighborhood into Clusters, with a captain for each. Clusters help organize neighbors and help them share information about their particular needs, their available tools, and their useful skills during an emergency.

Cooperation will be key. A major earthquake will likely isolate our communities. Power and communication methods will be interrupted; food, gas, and other supply chains could well be disrupted; bridges and roads will be impassible; 911 and hospitals will be overwhelmed. Who will you turn to? Your neighbors.

LEAP classes offered at the Community Center (prior to the pandemic) include Disaster Preparedness. The group raised funds and established a communications HUB, located at St. Stephen’s Church. The HUB will enable our neighborhood to be more resilient in a disaster. In the event of a major emergency, tents would be erected where neighbors could report what they need, and volunteers could help others handle the disaster. Ham radios will enable communication with other HUBS in the city, allowing sharing and reporting of needs and available services.

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