Laurelhurst Emergency Action Plan

LEAP is an all-volunteer organization working to educate Laurelhurst residents about steps to take before, during, and after an earthquake. LEAP offers assorted training and preparation classes to the neighborhood and surrounding community.

A major earthquake, or other natural disaster, could isolate Laurelhurst from the rest of the city by interrupting power, communication, food, gas, and other supply chains. An earthquake could make roads and bridges impassible and overwhelm first responders such as fire, police, and hospitals. Survival and recovery will require advance preparation and neighborhood cooperation. To facilitate cooperation among neighbors, LEAP has divided Laurelhurst into approximately 100 clusters, each led by a volunteer cluster captain. Cluster neighbors share information about special needs, available tools, and particular skills and training. 

LEAP has also built and equipped a Laurelhurst Communications HUB. The HUB will be activated on the lawn of St. Stephen’s Church (4805 NE 45th St.) to serve as Laurelhurst’s “Communication Central.” The HUB will be a place for neighbors to post needs and resources and to exchange important information. HAM radios at the HUB will enable Laurelhurst to communicate with other Seattle neighborhoods ( http://seattleemergencyhubs.org/seattle-emergency-neighborlink-map/and to city departments.

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