Who we are

The Laurelhurst Community Club (LCC), formerly the Laurelhurst Improvement Club, was established in 1920 to foster the improvement and beautification of the Laurelhurst neighborhood. We seek to identify and address community concerns and to provide a forum to promote solutions by working with the community at large, other civic organizations, and government.

What we do

LCC Trustees and many others serve on committees, representing our community in other organizations, and work on community improvement or special projects or specific issues such as crime prevention, transportation, or land use. These neighbors contribute hundreds of hours each year to maintain the livability and vitality of our community. If there is anything of concern or interest to Laurelhurst neighbors, you can be sure that LCC is on top of it.

Statement of Support for Black Lives Matter

Laurelhurst Community Club’s mission is to foster a welcoming and inclusive community, and LCC acts on the principles that everyone is created equal and deserves our respect. LCC’s policies of non-discrimination have long been imbedded in its bylaws. The senseless and cruel deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and many more have brought to light the long-standing racial biases in our society and its criminal justice system, and LCC calls upon those in leadership at all levels of government to create an unbiased justice system for all. The Board of Trustees of LCC supports the efforts of the Black Lives Matter movement to end racism through its peaceful protests, which are an essential part of our democracy. It is the responsibility of police to respect and protect them.